Express Lube

Castrol GTX


Castrol-GTX– Unique TriShield technology actively protects against particles that build-up in car engines with the most advanced deposit-fighting ingredients.
– Ultra-low friction to improve gas mileage*
– Provides the highest North American standard of protection against viscosity breakdown
– Unsurpassed protection against thermal breakdown among leading oils*In 5W20 – 5W-30 – 10W-30 grades

price up to 5qts

Castrol GTX High Mileage


Castrol-GTX-HIGH-MILEAGEHelps extend engine life by providing:

– Superior detergency that fights deposit build-up*
– Seal conditioners to help reduce leaks
– Advanced additives that minimize engine wear

price up to 5qts

Castrol Magnatec


Formulated to provide superior short-trip protection
– Unsurpassed protection against engine wear1
– A higher level of thermal stability vs. conventional oils
– Maximum viscosity protection
– Protection against harmful deposit build-up2
– Now meets dexos1,2 performance requirements3
price up to 5qts

Castrol Edge


Castrol-GTX-SynBlendWith SYNTEC© Power Technology
– Provides low volatility to keep the engine running at peak power longer
– Exclusive Castrol Molecule suspends particles, helping the engine to perform at its peak longer by fighting power robbing deposits
– dexos1 performance requirements in 5W-20 and 5W-30 viscosities*
  price up to 5qts